The Challenge

The thought of getting the Play-Doh out can fill some parents with complete and utter dread. Yes, there’s mess, yes, there’s stress and yes, there’s often a murky brown blob of doh smooshed into the carpet. But, as catastrophic as the thought of messy play can be, it is incredibly crucial for children and their creative development.

We needed to give millennial parents a playful nudge towards embracing Play-Doh in all its wonderful bits-in-the-carpet, making-a-right-mess glory. During the back-to-school period, we wanted to create a buzz amongst families with 2–5-year-olds and inspire inhibited moments of messy play at home.

The Approach

We decided to front this pet hate head on and create conversation by unveiling new research stating that adults spend an average six hours a week cleaning up after their kids’ playtime. Not only that, but unsupervised messy play costs parents an average £293 a year as they replace ruined or broken household items.

With the conversation kickstarted and audience attention fully grabbed, it was time to unveil our true focus – a way to ditch the stress but keep the messy play moments going.

The Solution

Play-Doh’s Home Protection Service was a bookable service for parents of creative, messy children across the UK. A fun and theatrical experience that inspired grown-ups with everything they needed to allow their kids to enjoy messy play, without the stress.

The nationwide trial of this service was launched in the homes of celebrities such as McFly’s Harry Judd, and TV personality Ferne McCann with DIY kits also rolled out to micro influencers to extend the reach beyond the high-profile talent. We then worked in partnership with the toy retailer Smyths on an exclusive competition that ran on their social channels to huge success.





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