NERF Gelfire


The challenge

We needed to show our teen and Gen Z audiences that Nerf has grown up alongside them and the new NERF Gelfire offers a level of gameplay beyond any childhood toy.

But how do we get a group of Gen Z males to gather their mates for a Nerf battle? We had to show up differently, taking cues from adult immersive play experiences and shooter games, to drive positive engagement for the brand and awareness of this thrilling new blaster. 

The approach

Insight research told us that this audience engages highly with YouTube and TikTok, with 77% of YouTube time spent watching influencer content particularly the extreme challenges created by aspirational groups like Beta Squad and Sidemen.

We needed to meet our audience where they were most engaged, blending influencer power with TikTok viral energy to appeal to their squad mentality and demonstrate the NERF Gelfire at play. 

The Solution

We enrolled YouTube titans, Beta Squad, in a content partnership to create a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping NERF “Hide n Seek” battleground. Infiltrating TikTok, to create a captivating digital ecosystem with a dynamic cast of influencers. From YouTube battles to relatable TikTok challenges, every element revolved around the thrill of play, positioning NERF Gelfire as the must-have blaster for the next generation of action heroes. 

The impact

NERF dominated online, smashing expectations, and drowning out the competition to command a 72% share of influencer voice and peak at #3 on YouTube.

We captured the attention of our desired audience, 67% of all content views were male and 60% were aged 13-24. The campaign’s infectious energy and exhilaration drove positive engagement for the NERF brand and excitement for the Gelfire blaster.

NERF had truly come of age. 

The results


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