The Challenge

A dual challenge to;

1) Infiltrate the hearts and habits of a 6-9-year-old boy to maintain relevance and keep up that pestering

2) Tackle and defend against negative perceptions of the NERF blaster and the ‘Blaster’ category to parents.

The Approach

88% of our core 6-9-year-old boy audience are on YouTube – it’s their media channel of choice (as well as top career aspiration don’t you know!). There are 64 million pieces of content on YouTube that already feature NERF, a reflection of the creative catalyst role the product is playing in stimulating ideas and challenges for engaging content. Our approach therefore was to expand the role of NERF in the lives of 6-9-year-old boys (and their parents) not only as a blaster for combat, but also as a tool and teacher of creativity in the creation of YouTube content.

The Solution

Introducing NERF Upload… a campaign that positioned the brand as a tool of creativity: teaching kids the basics of content creation, whilst demonstrating to parents the real skill that goes into it, via a series of YouTuber masterclasses during October half-term.

A multi-layered campaign utilising research (to find parents’ concerns towards their children aspiring to be content creators). Talent and influencers – working with famous YouTubers to be our teachers, and celeb dad Jimmy Bullard to talk about the school plus media partnerships to bring to life both the IRL and digital events.



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