The Challenge

Lockdown was over. And Nando’s Gen Z audience were finally back out in the world. As they celebrated the ease in restrictions, we were challenged to bring the fun to their post-lockdown freedom. Nando’s wanted to put a smile on the faces of their audience with an activation that also drove brand relevance. Rather than simply tempt fans with the lure of our extra hot half-a-chicken, we wanted to connect with people emotionally – in a funny, lighthearted, it-could-only-be-Nando’s way.

The Approach

Along with missing graduations, celebrations and true coming-of-age moments, the pandemic brought about a tough year of separation for Gen Z and their elderly relatives up and down the country. The truth was, many young people wanted a hug from their nan, just as much as a night out with their mates. So, what if this was where Nando’s stepped in, surprising their audience by offering up a fun and frivolous  – but very much needed – way to reconnect?

The Solution

Our #NanGo’s free campaign reunited generations as Nandos announced 50% off if you bring your nan for a scran! Our offer enabled all over-65s to enjoy 50% off a meal at Nando’s from the 7th– 9th of June 2021. This was one of Nando’s most generous campaigns to date. And the launch bridged the gap between older people most affected by the impact of 2020, and their younger counterparts who had been waiting behind locked doors to protect the family members they loved the most.

As restrictions eased, we worked as part of an inter-agency team, enlisting the help of Grime Gran to be the face of our campaign and delivering a hilarious video and the immersive media asset NanGo’s Bingo.


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