Optimum Nutrition

Channel More


The Challenge

Sports performance marketing is typically dominated by #fitspo. But where is the representation for people of differing lifestyles and abilities that want to unlock their potential? Optimum Nutrition (ON) wanted to change the narrative, going beyond the fitness community to demonstrate how, with the right training and nutrition, “There is More In All Of Us”. Our goal was to positively impact upon ON’s share of voice and increasing SOV by at least 10% against competitive sports performance and nutrition brands.


The approach

We collaborated with Optimum Nutrition to develop an overarching storytelling strategy rooted in human interest and inclusivity. We’d work with ON ambassador and Paralympic GB swimmer, Alice Tai, to spearhead a new swimming performance challenge that would emotionally engage a wider community. Alice won a Commonwealth Gold medal in 2022 just months after having her lower limb amputated and her inspirational story is a showcase of what is possible with the right growth mindset, training & nutrition.


The solution

Introducing Channel More – a gruelling challenge to conquer the English Channel in a swim relay, with applications open to absolutely anyone! Leveraging Alice Tai’s triumph over adversity, and personal phobia of open water swimming, the project authentically inspired a diverse range of people to break through personal barriers and unleash their full potential. Activated over a 6-month period in three phases – Launch, Training and Challenge, ON’s Channel storytelling was meticulously planned to create a seamlessly engaging narrative.

The impact

We demonstrated Optimum Nutrition’s commitment to ‘powering potential’ by sharing the story of how they fuelled their inclusive #ChannelMore team across the English Channel. From sign up, to training, to triumph, we followed 5 aspiring open water swimmers from all backgrounds, communities, and abilities, as they conquered the unthinkable. The campaign saw ON become the noisiest, most visible, and most inclusive protein brand in earned media – stealing the majority share of voice from Huel and solidifying their position in the market.


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