Capital One

Consumer Skills Report


the challenge

Capital One’s ‘One Good Thing’ platform aims to build trust by delivering tangible results for their customers, by doing one small good thing at a time. We were tasked to drive brand consideration and campaign awareness through Digital PR during a period of no news. With a cost-of-living crisis on everyone’s minds, it was clear that there was no better time for CapitalOne to show themselves as a dependable consumer-ally, but how could they help people to downsize their spending and avoid an overreliance on credit in challenging economic times?

the approach

Research highlighted that Brits spend over £400 a year outsourcing day-to-day tasks – from basic car maintenance to beauty touch ups. Through Google search data, we identified the most searched for services and in turn, created the Capital One Consumer Skills Index. If consumers could learn how to develop these skills themselves, they could then save money throughout the cost-of-living crisis by repairing their own clothes, making their own fake-aways and perfecting their own blow-dries.


the solution

We partnered with a team of content creators to help people upskill through a ‘Save Per View TV’ content series on the Capital One site. A series of ‘how to’ video guides included tips from money-savings expert Lara Joanna Jarvis, at home-workouts from Fitness Coach Faisal Abdalla (Mr PMA) and a delicious lesson in making a fakeaway katsu curry. Timi Merriman-Johnson, host of the Mr. MoneyJar Show podcast, also offered his hacks for living as well as possible in tough economic times.


the impact

Capital One became a useful source of tips and hacks for consumers – as they tapped into our educational resource to seek the knowledge they needed to upskill during this period of economic downturn. Our Save Per View content hub achieved 79 pieces of coverage and 17 regional broadcast hits, with over 54.7K organic views of our how-to videos. We drove brand affinity and positioned Capital One as an ally, helping consumers to improve their day-to-day lives by learning one good thing at a time.




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