South Western Railway

Thank goodness
it’s thursday


The Challenge

Throughout the pandemic, SWR’s audience has largely worked from home, resulting in a dramatic loss of revenue for the company – with commuter and leisure ticket sales down year-on-year. As a result, the challenge was to reboot SWR as a positive choice for travellers and encourage them back on trains to drive uptake across the network.

The Approach

Launch a campaign that focuses on the benefits of spending an additional day commuting into London e.g. the buzz of the office and reacquainting with work friends, rather than the actual journey itself!

The Solution

In the “new normal”, Thursday is the new Friday… so, we created a campaign to hero Thursday post-work get-togethers, to remind people of the fun to be had back in the office, with the first round of drinks on SWR every Thursday throughout April.

To support the promotion, we conducted state-of-the-nation research into the impact of the pandemic on people’s ability to socialise with their work colleagues, as well as onboarded key influencers and etiquette expert, William Hanson, as an ambassador for the campaign.


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