Is Play-Doh edible?

The question that parents find themselves furiously Googling after their (usually) fussy child ingests their handmade blue pizza.


The answer? No. 

But fear not, the PrettyGreen team have been on the case and alongside Play-Doh we’ve launched the Play-Doh Restaurant of Imagination, a one-time, family dining, experiential event. Whilst it doesn’t make Play-Doh edible it does ease parental concerns around mealtime.  

Recent research finds that 80% of parents deal with picky eating at mealtimes regularly. Additionally, over half of parents agree that their children are less picky when they get to help choose what’s for dinner. 

Play-Doh’s Restaurant of Imagination seeks to solve these issues by sparking both young imaginations and tastebuds, providing parents and caregivers with at least one stress-free meal this school break. Young attendees and their families will be encouraged to decide what’s on the lunch menu through the art of Play-Doh itself using the brand’s latest Busy Chef’s Kitchen set in the restaurant’s ‘Make’ Zone. That blue pizza doesn’t sound so bad now… 

A team of real-life busy chefs will then take the colourful Play-Doh creations and ‘transform’ them into nutritious (and of course edible) meals to eat in the dining area. Think ‘The Bear’ but with more Play-Doh.