Leap Day Learning

As part of our PrettyGreen School initiative and staff learning & development commitment we hosted our ‘Brain Day’, it was the first time we have hosted an all day, off-site, collaborative learning day like this!!

With the leap year giving us an extra day we thought we could use this time to inspire and educate with an emphasis on ‘One Team’. We all have different skills, learning, knowledge and life experiences that we use to work towards our values:

LIFE IS SHORT – We should be able to enjoy the session – Work & play

WE ARE ALLIES – A space for everyone to feel comfortable – We all have different levels of knowledge and no question is stupid

TRUSTED TO DELIVER – We are here to learn, to BE BETTER

WE OWN OUR OWN VALUE – Performance performance performance

MORE ROAR LESS MIAOW – Speak up, we all have an opinion, feedback with consideration

The day started with a session on clearing our minds to prepare for the day ahead. This was followed by a session on ESG responsibilities and sustainability in the PR and marketing industries.

We then had a guest speaker lead a new business seminar, topics included networking growth, including do’s and dont’s – apparently you shouldn’t eat the canapés – and how to nurture your current network.

After the lunch break there was another session on clearing the mind before we got into the nitty gritty of performance.

We finished the day’s agenda with creative inspirations from our studio planning team.

Drinks followed this and then a spontaneous karaoke session saw the day finished off on a high note.