They Said WHAT?
New Podcast Series Launched

Earlier today we launched What They Said, a brand-new influencer marketing podcast series with the next two following on consecutive Tuesdays, unveiling the untold secrets at the heart of the creator economy.

Hosted by our very own Sammy Albon, previously a creator in his own right and now lead influencer strategist for PrettyGreen, talks openly with guests ranging from industry titans, visionary content creators, talent agents and savvy marketeers. Collaboratively they delve into the pulse of influencer marketing and brand partnerships, uncovering tales of triumph, cautionary brand horror stories, and invaluable do’s and don’ts that every marketing professional should know.

Featuring an exclusive line-up of guests who are shaping the landscape of the creator economy, from visionary content creators to savvy marketers, agents, and industry mavens, the What They Said podcast will hear from experts who will share candid anecdotes, insider tips, and invaluable insights that can spell the difference between campaign success and failure.

Today’s episode features Jessica Joseph, founder of Season25, whose advice on working with creators with influence spells out the difference between campaign success and failure. The episode candidly discusses issues of high importance;  fair pay and fair opportunity for minority group creators as her business, Season25 leads the way in delivering that missing ingredient in the influencer marketing space… representation.

Next week, Episode two is set to drop just in time for London Coffee festival fans as the CMO of Grind joins Sammy to talk about the importance of brand connection with moments that make sense and how the right creator partners, the right brief and a collaborative creative approach can pivot a target audience into brand fans.

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