Getting our kicks
from Hey Dude

After recognising the expertise of our growing agency, Hey Dude International has strategically chosen to collab’ with us to deliver their upcoming UK influencer marketing in a special project.

The shoe brand appreciates our unique value in focusing on genuine relationships, developing authentic connections and championing inclusivity, and was drawn to our unmatched holistic approach which marries data and creativity.

We’re activating a vast multi-channel organic and paid strategy approach, with a focus on Gen Z. This aims to establish strong brand recognition and build momentum for Hey Dude in the UK. Audience segmentation is key to the approach, with the team identifying and working with over 50 influencers from four niche verticals that align with the brand’s Californian heritage.

The campaign is all about scale and ensuring the brand is in the right places, at the right times and worn by the right people in the build-up to the international launch. The student community was identified as a key area for Hey Dude, with part of the activation placing the brand on the feet of some of the most influential figures across UK Universities. All the BNOCS!

Data and insight will prove to be invaluable to the brand as they embark on their UK launch, taking key learnings from the campaign to inform how to continually adapt to a new market. Our influencer marketing experts will provide in-depth analysis factoring in sentiment across different product styles, communities, and verticals to shape and laser focus the brand’s approach.