Channel swims
and coverage wins

The brief

Generate awareness and interest in Optimum Nutrition’s Channel More project among the target audience.

Demonstrate Optimum Nutrition’s role in facilitating more powerful performances.

Reinforce ON’s values of supporting people to dig deep to achieve their training goals.

Key results

pieces of earned media


total reach


positive sentiment


completed channel crossing time

The campaign broken down

The Channel More campaign that achieved these fab results was split into three phases:

Phase 1:

April, Optimum Nutrition announced the launch of its “Channel More” project, aimed at unifying a tenacious group of diverse individuals to conquer the English Channel in a swim relay, found via a nationwide search – amplified via earned and broadcast PR, such as Sky News.

110 applications were received. 5 swimmers were selected.

Phase 2:

Whilst the team of 5 were busy preparing for the swim, the PrettyGreen PR team worked on sustaining momentum and building up hype ahead of the swim via case studies and interviews with the participants.

Phase 3:

September, Alice and her teammates successfully broke through personal barriers and unleashed their full potential to conquer the English Channel. Their success was further amplified via a variety of news coverage and participant interviews in earned media and broadcast. The media loved the stories of overcoming adversity to take on a once-in-a-lifetime challenge, fuelled by training, nutrition and mindset.

Safe to say this was a very Less Ordinary campaign.