Behind the scenes:
Christmas Mailer 2023

We’re excited to share our much-anticipated Christmas mailer, ‘The Invitation’.

Continuing our theme of limited-edition prints,  ‘The Invitation’ is a bespoke jigsaw that embraces a spirit of gratitude and creativity.  Featuring an infamous quote from Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’ and showcasing a mercurial backdrop of our iconic London skyline, the jigsaw is intended to invite rest, reflection and connection with loved ones over the holiday period.

Inspired by the insight ‘Creatives produce better ideas after taking a break to do something different. Known as an ‘incubation’ period.’ We all feel better and perform better when we take the time to switch off.

With just 350 printed, this distinctive and sustainable offering expresses our appreciation for our network’s steadfast support and partnership throughout 2023.

Fully FSC certified and made from premium blue recycled puzzle board,  we are proud to have created this carbon-neutral jigsaw in partnership with SKOOT.

SKOOT worked with us to identify the carbon footprint, but also to explore ways for us to reduce and mitigate those emissions, such as:-

  • Using sustainable FSC wood
  • Recycled packaging and materials
  • Un-bleaching where possible

The total project emissions that couldn’t be avoided created approximately 1  tonne of CO2, which was then countered with 2 tonnes of Gold Standard renewable carbon credit.

Alongside that, over 350 mangrove trees were planted in a SKOOT dedicated site in Tudor Creek Kenya. In their lifetime they will sequester over 260 tonnes of Co2 (in one year alone over 2 tonnes).  This tree planting on the site also provides long-term employment for the local community.

Although the jigsaws avoided single-use plastic, a starch-based cellophane bag was needed, plus tape for postage. In total, we stopped over 700 ocean-bound plastic bottles from reaching the ocean as part of the programme and creation and distribution of the jigsaw mailer.

To find out the full impact of our work with SKOOT click here


SKOOT are an award-winning Top 5% B-Corp (for transparency and governance), with a mission to make a positive climate impact today.

Collaborating with businesses, to offer in-the-moment sustainability solutions to help make the world cleaner and greener; one event, one project, one person at a time. They are working with world-renowned and sustainability NGO’s including; certified tree planting, preventing ocean-bound plastic and funding verified carbon reduction. This is in addition to removal projects and showcasing the good we can all do together, examples of this include supporting underprivileged regions, whilst also providing the ability to support local sustainability initiatives that are closer to home, eg living walls in London schools.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas from all at PrettyGreen.