Is tv making
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The Challenge

Hopster is an interactive pre-school app packed with handpicked educational shows, games, books, and songs. For their first consumer PR launch, the brand wanted to highlight their key values and the inclusivity and diversity at the heart of their content. By generating positive media coverage, we could drive awareness of the app and encourage progressive parents to search for and download Hopster.

The Approach

We wanted to drive brand awareness via a provocative thought-leadership campaign that positions Hopster as the natural choice for gender neutrality, inclusivity, and representation in children’s content. To do this, we first needed to start a conversation and get parents talking, and there are few subjects more provocative than screen time and the effect TV might be having on our children.

The Solution

We analysed fifty of the most popular shows aimed at pre-schoolers and found that many of the top pre-school shows poorly represented disability, LGBT+, class, gender, and ethnicity. We released our findings to the media in a Hopster Report entitled ‘Is TV Making Your Child Prejudice?’ and urged parents to think about the messages their children are receiving.

The solution to this problem? Hopster. An app that features content rich in inclusivity and actually suggests alternative activities to children who have been watching for a while.

The Impact

Alongside the amazing coverage & resulting web traffic, we gained such positive attention for inclusivity and diversity that the Gender Equality Office reached out to work with Hopster.

The Results

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increase in web traffic