Chaucer's 'We Find a Way' Campaign: Navigating the Maze of Success

Earlier this year, we were tasked with creating an interactive experiential campaign for Chaucer, targeting London brokers, and reinforcing the brand’s core message, ‘We Find a Way.’ We came up with a concept that would unashamedly use the metaphor of a maze, supported by Chaucer’s bold maze-themed branding, to grab the attention of its target audience.

Chaucer’s experts, renowned for navigating a labyrinth of complexities daily, rely on their knowledge, sharp observational skills, and capacity to retain vast amounts of data. So, for two days in June, outside the iconic Lloyd’s Building, we presented a challenge to city brokers: could they match the expertise of Chaucer’s team by swiftly navigating their way through a digital maze?

Over 500 participants eagerly accepted the challenge, relying on their existing knowledge and memory skills to conquer the digital labyrinth in record time;

The physical activation was supported by an online version of the game accessed via QR code, along with additive video content released both pre and post the live event, to highlight activity to Chaucer’s audience via their owned channels.


  • Increased Brand Awareness: Chaucer aimed to establish itself as the first choice among brokers. With an estimated footfall of 24,000 per day, the campaign ensured that Chaucer’s name resounded throughout the City of London.
  • Emphasizing the ‘We Find a Way’ Ethos: More than just a catchy strapline, the campaign successfully reinforced Chaucer’s dedication to uncovering solutions in the face of complexity.
  • Changing Perceptions: By spotlighting the expertise and innovative minds of Chaucer’s underwriters and claims handlers, the campaign aimed to reshape perceptions of Chaucer’s innovation capabilities.

Preliminary Results

  • Over 500 participants took part, racking up 2000+ hours of game time
  • Impressively, 71% of participants provided feedback, underscoring their enthusiasm for the campaign.
  • A noteworthy 44% of participants already had a working relationship with Chaucer, while 56% did not – indicating that the campaign effectively captured the attention of both existing and potential clients.
  • Furthermore, the campaign significantly increased brand awareness, with 25% of participants previously unfamiliar with the brand.


The campaign was made possible through close collaboration with Chaucer’s a-MAZE-ing in-house marketing team, with whom we found a way!