About us

An Entertainment, Sport and Lifestyle Agency. Driving Brand Fame Through Experiential and Content Driven PR

PrettyGreen is an independent award-winning experiential, digital, influencer and content-driven PR agency. We were born out of Red Bull and we spent our first four years helping them bring their brand to life, including helping a man jump from the edge of space. Because of that start, we specialise in Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle arena’s.

We help deliver brand fame for some of the world’s most renowned brands, including the likes of Nando’s, LEGO, Oasis, Audible, John Lewis, Tough Mudder, Disney Cartoon Network, to name but a few.

As PrettyGreen means money, we’re focussed on creating campaigns that deliver real ROI and commercial returns, not just huge OTS numbers. We use our 1-9-90 for campaign development and to create real impact – it’s not just about the 1% who may experience a campaign or the 9% who engage, Like, post on Insta, or the 90% who hear through the media. It’s about building campaigns that interrogate all 3 areas.

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