About us

We are PrettyGreen.  An Independent, Award Winning Agency for PR Less Ordinary 

We believe PR is the heart of creative marketing. 

Being an agency born out of  Red Bull, we have never been apologetic about our discipline and the unrivalled power of earned media. 

Because generating PR is the proof that people are actually talking about you. 

It’s the verification that people actually care.

Its why we are the chosen agency partner of some of the world’s most revered brands, including Nando’s., Three Mobile, Nintendo, Audible, Smirnoff, Disney, Hasbro & John Lewis.  

All Clients that passionately embrace the power of creative marketing and earned media to drive brand fame. 

Whether  the creative solution is a content series, a podcast, a panel debate, a festival, a mixed reality fashion show, an advocacy programme, a partnership, a pop up, a game show, a roof garden, an art exhibition, a gif, a man jumping from the edge of space. 

Whether it’s paid, earned, shared or owned.

Its being talked about that makes it PR.

Delivering real ROI and commercial returns, not just huge OTS numbers. 

PrettyGreen.  We Think. We Create. We amplify.

For PR less Ordinary. 

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