You Stay Classy, Sky Sports

Earlier this week, upon listening to the much-publicized and prehistoric opinions of former Sky Sports football presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys, some of the PrettyGreeners were questioning if they had indeed seen the very same news-story in recent weeks.

Were we confusing ourselves with Rodney Marsh’s ill-timed joke about the South East Asian tsunami? Or were we mixing-up the time Peter Sissons accidentally mentioned in his dulcet tones that Anne Robinson had “had her tits done” on camera?! Whilst equally purile and awful in their own delightful way, we finally realised that the Keys and Gray story was so familiar because they were in fact dopplegangers for Anchorman’s misogynistic anti-heroes, Ron Burgundy and Champ Kind.

Although two weeks ago it may have been comical to suggest these long-serving professionals would resemble Hollywood caricatures, it is now wholly believable that Keys and Gray have spent the last 20 years sniggering on prank phone-calls whilst telling Charlotte Jackson she is being “relocated to Moscow” before asking for their microphones to be inserted into their trousers. Or perhaps they preferred changing Georgie Thompson’s name to Tits McGee on the teleprompter before punching her in the ovaries and telling her she should be in the kitchen making them supper.

Despite numerous similarities, which go on-and-on and become more and more apparent when re-watching Anchorman, there is one noticeable difference that the girl noticed. Whilst Ron Burgundy’s chat-up line of “I want to be on you” is rather forthcoming, it will forever be more successful than a hairy-handed Keys asking if he can “smash it.”

Throwing away the Keys was a good choice.