You know when you’ve been Tango’d

At the start of each year, PrettyGreeners get to choose their Bucket List, something that they’ve always wanted to do and the agency generously pick up the bill. With the end of 2014 fast approaching, there’s a big rush amongst the team to get theirs completed before it’s too late. Ben was no exception and had to slip on his dancing shoes to learn ‘How to dance like a gentleman’.

The story of Ben’s formal dancing incompetence goes back to 2013 and the wedding of his good friends in Jakarta, Indonesia. It turned out that his mate’s Mum is a big deal in Indonesian society and the wedding was broadcast on state television. When Ben led his fiancée Emma to the dance floor, not only was his knee bumping and foot-treading broadcast to the 1500 guest on the big screens, the whole of Indonesia got to witness Emma’s visible distain with Ben’s horribly, two-footed performance.


Ben decided something had to be done and the PrettyGreen Bucket List was to be his savior. Not knowing his Foxtrots from his Cha-Cha-Cha’s, Ben decided to go with the only dance he knows, the Argentian Tango (credit to the Arnie film True Lies here). Emma and Ben booked themselves into the Tanguito tango academy in Islington for a two-hour session with their excellent teacher Natalie.

Despite a very shaky start, Ben soon got the hang of the beat and style of the Argentina Tango. Not only that, he was really starting to enjoy being the lead (not sure Emma was as keen!). Ben and Emma can now be found Tangoing around their Shoreditch one bed flat. Watch out Len Goodman, there’s a new Cockney ballroom dancer in town!