WW Press Office: Brits Put Wellness And Exercise First To Shed Lockdown Pounds

Last week, WW revealed some fascinating insight into the nation’s wellbeing throughout lockdown. The YouGov survey commissioned by WW revealed that half of Brits admitted to overeating and gaining weight during lockdown.

During lockdown, Brits took to comfort eating with a penchant for chocolate and biscuits with 40% admitting they’ve been eating more sugary treats with their cuppa. As a PR agency who has loves to dunk biscuits in builders, we were on hand to spread the news.

Working with WW General Manager, Anna Hill, and leading psychologist, Honey Langcaster-James, we executed a radio junket, conducting 19 virtual interviews to give further insight into the findings. With a mixture of Live and pre-recorded interviews with the likes of BBC Radio Lancashire, Talk Radio, BBC Radio Leeds and Health Radio to name a few, the coverage reached over 1.5 million listeners.

As well as the dominating the radio waves, we targeted media to share the news, despite the new relaxed lockdown measures being announced the day before (!) and landed coverage both nationally and regionally. Read all about it on the  Mail Online here.

As the new lockdown rules take effect this weekend, change is on the way. Brits are determined to get back on track with new priorities such as exercising regularly (46%), losing weight (45%) and improving wellbeing (37%), and what better way to kick start some new habits than with the help of WW!