Road-Testing the World’s First Connected Fitness System, Under Armour’s UA HealthBox

World first has a ring to it, right? And quite rightly too. This month, Under Armour launched their long-awaited UA HealthBox on UK shores, unleashing their ‘Connected Fitness system’ of a UA Band, UA Scale and UA Heart Rate monitor (all operated via Under Armour’s mobile app, UA Record) – and what a system it is.

We’ve been some of the lucky few to get an advanced preview of the UA HealthBox and the PrettyGreen team have been busy putting it (or themselves, actually) through the paces. From measuring sleep, resting rate rate, steps, and even workout intensity with the UA Band, while tracking our real-time with the UA Heart Rate, it’s then onto the UA Scale to revel in the good results, before deep-diving into our results via UA Record. Phew.

It might sound like a right kerfuffle, but it really, honestly, couldn’t be easier. One start-up sync with your mobile and everything you ever wanted to track and more automatically syncs to your phone during every single step, every intense workout, even every post-gym shake we consume – it’s all tracked. Scary, right?

For the first time, we can now truly say we have a 24/7 view of our progress. Our workouts are tracked, our nutrition is tracked – heck, we can even connect Under Armour’s athletes such as Andy Murray and Anthony Joshua who also use the system and compare our real-time results and insights thanks to integration with super-computer IBM Watson (seriously worth a Google, that).

So how are we faring? Strings’ zen-like heart rate is less than half that of Rosie’s – 40 compared to 90 (it scares us, too) – but she more than makes up for it with an office-best step count. James eats a fridge full on a daily basis but regular burns in the thousands on the bicycle, while Lucy is finally remembering what post-baby sleep feels like.

A great success we feel – even our office dogs use it… Step up, and get your own fix, here.