WorldPride or WorldShame?

One of London’s major annual events was to be bigger, brighter and bolder than ever as Pride London is to host the 2012 WorldPride event.

Unfortunately due to lack of funding, many of the day’s flamboyant events are either to be cancelled or completely scaled back.

Every year there are gay pride events all over the world. The Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade is the largest of its kind and is one of the major tourist attractions in Brazil, receiving official support from the government. Last year it was attended by 3.5 million people.


Of course all eyes are on London this year and one of the reasons stated for the cutbacks include difficulty finding sponsors due to intense competition from the Olympics.
This year Pride London’s renowned parade will be downgraded to a walking procession. There are to be no official WorldPride events in Soho – the Golden Square event has been completely cancelled and licensing regulations will be that of any other day.

A hugely debated topic of 2012 has been the issue of same-sex marriage and many have criticised Pride London for their lack of political expression but Pride London say they are going back to their roots and this year the focus will be on global decriminalisation of homosexuality and equality for LGBT people.

Despite controversy and funding issues, PrettyGreen is hoping for a memorable Pride weekend – the procession begins at Baker Street at an earlier time of 11am followed by celebrations in Trafalgar Square.