Who Says The Ad Boys Don't Care

It was one of those days that could have all gone so wrong.

A normally ‘on the ball’ Strings, uncharacteristically left his big bunch of keys (that’s house, office, alarm, bike, heart) in his bike lock this morning…um, on a lamp post on one of the busiest streets in London.

10 minutes into a planning session (the creation of a new brand platform but we can’t talk about it yet), the penny dropped, the last thing Strings expected were his keys to still be dangling from his bicycle. They weren’t (keep with me) but there was a lovely little note saying “to stop your bike being stolen we took something” along with a mystery phone number.

The mystery phone number belonged to a nice kind man called Jamie from M&C Saatchi who kindly delivered the keys back to Strings (and after closer inspection was also the boss of one of Pretty Green’s favourite friends, Jodie).

Jamie, you’ve restored our faith in human kindness, thank you.