Where's Jack Bauer When You Need Him?

Currently feels like we’re in some crazy 24 type film where every hour there’s a different twist and turn on a number of projects. Although everyone’s feeling the pain and pressure with a number of campaigns going live at the same time, it’s actually quite exhilarating, if not exceptionally stressful.

What’s fantastic is the team spirit, camaraderie and pulling together to deliver work. Needless to say, as with every campaign the twists and turns can be somewhat frustrating and yesterday a Client was questioning why we put ourselves through such pain, the reality is, it makes you feel a live.

Fundamentally what we do isn’t rocket science (well Red Bull Stratos, might be close), we don’t often save too many lives, and actually it’s not that important what we do. The harsh reality is that we’re partly to blame for the over-consumption society that we’re in (Justin Basini’s got an interesting perspective of what we need to do, but maybe more of that another day), but in amongst all the social woes and doomsayers, what we’re involved in is something that we love.

The sense that you’ve had an idea, created it and then seen it come alive, means we can actually touch and feel what we do. It might be abstract and be immeasurable, but the sense of worth and satisfaction from knowing that your idea, your hard work, your team work delivered something is all worth it – That is until the next twist and turn jumps up and slaps us in the face, then we’ll be back to questioning why we do it.

Currently we’re pleased to say that PrettyGreen’s got 21 Jack Bauers every 24 hours, not just one.