What’s Your PR Sign?


Another PrettyGreener’s birthday today – they seem to be coming thick and fast of late. In fact, a quick check reveals 18% of us here are Cancerians, more than double the statistical average of 8%. Which got us thinking; are Cancerians specifically suited to the world of PR?

So whether you check your horoscope daily, or reckon it’s all a load of nonsense, let’s see how typical Cancerian traits stand up in our industry…

Emotional & Loving

Love the brands you work with and let your passion shine through.

Intuitive & Imaginative

Embrace what you don’t know, figure it out, ask the right questions and be a step ahead.

Shrewd & Cautious


Protective & Sympathetic

Those you work with should also be your friends. You work towards the same goals and share in joint successes.

Changeable & Moody

Being adaptable and flexible increases your worth. Being moody, not so much – perhaps find yourself a quiet corner…

Overemotional & Touchy

Being able to take constructive criticism on board is an essential skill for any professional. And it should sometimes get you fired up – this is how you improve and better yourself.

Clinging & Unable To Let Go

Times change but traditional PR skills are still at the core of our industry. Copywriting and selling-in are in your blood – never let these go…