What's Your Hidden Talent?

We were sat brainstorming for a Client the other morning, and as usual, we ended up talking about random things, most notably, what’s your hidden talent, which led to some raised eyebrows (and some big fat fibs we think):-

– Lucy M can walk up the inside of a door frame
– Ben K can stick his tongue all the way up the inside of his nose
– Lucy P can recite the Ning Nang Nong
– Emma W can flatten her nose across her whole face
– Sarah H can spill, drop or break anything
– Mark S, is an amazing jazz drummer and once played with Jamie Cullum
– Katie H is a grade 8 pianist and can tap dance (not whilst playing)
– Kylie can do the limbo underneath a stick resting on two coke bottles
– Strings can sing the Kenyan national anthem
– Soph can tie a knot in jelly snake whilst eating it
– Tim B can go weeks without smiling
– Joe O can make his pecs dance
– Claire Mac can sing like an angel
– Sian can do 100 press-ups in a minute`
– Jack S has a pet snake he likes getting out and playing with – when he’s on his own
– Jess H can speak Polish

Here’s Lucy climbing the door frame a few years ago!

Which got us thinking, what about people in the public eye, have they any hidden/ unusual talents.

– Paul McCartney paints
– Pierce Brosnan can eat fire
– Miley Cyrus was a cheerleader
– Justin Bieber can do a rubiks cube in 84 secs
– Mike Tyson races pigeons
– Tom cruise plays speed scrabble
– Chris Fountain likes rapping
– Harrison Ford is a carpenter

Strange but true. So what’s your hidden talent?