What's in A Name

We all have a childish streak in us, but last night it was out in full force.

So there we were all dressed up, glamorous and gorgeous. We get handed a seating plan, only to note that young Nick had played a little practical joke on young Amanda. Her surname is Poernig. A name that often gets pronounced and spelt wrongly. Enter our cad Nick, filling out the forms for the PR Week Awards he decides to spell her name wrong on purpose – Mandy Pooring.

Childish, but funny and set the tone for the whole evening. Strings tried to tell Nick off, but couldn’t keep a straight face.

Well done to Diffusion PR, worthy winners of our category. Big thank you for all the emails, tweets, texts and kind words, we’re touched by all the support we’ve had.

Note for next year. Drinking Absinthe at 2am doesn’t help with ones productivity the next day.