What is Gen Z Yellow? Get ready for your Instagram feed to go bananas

Following the madness of Millennial Pink over the past couple of years, Gen Z Yellow is here to help millennials’ younger siblings distinguish themselves on social media. Scrolling through social feeds you’ll notice that it’s not an exact shade but more of a mellow yellow vibe, which can equally stray into being not so mellow. Basically, it’s just yellowness.


One of its first debuts in popular culture was in Rhianna wearing all yellow for the launch of her Fenty makeup range, and Gen Z mega influencer Kylie Jenner posing in all yellow with a banana for a recent product launch. Gen Z Yellow is a little trickier to pull off and begs for attention more than the fluffy Millennial Pink, but this fits with this generation who are said to be bolder and braver than their seniors. Once you know about this trend you will start seeing yellow EVERYWHERE.


Why should I care?


As you’ll be aware, a typical Generation Z’er (born between the mid 90s to the early noughties) is incredibly digitally savvy. While social media can be incredibly powerful in shaping opinions, fighting for our rights and spreading knowledge, sometimes it is also nice to take a break and have a cup of tea and look at doggo memes, fluffy yellow concoctions and consider putting sprinkles on everything. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


At PrettyGreen we talk a lot about a new era of brands acting as servants and, while it may seem an unlikely vehicle, Gen Z Yellow could be the latest way to serve. Unicorns, glitter, mermaids, millennial pink; it’s all about injecting a little heartfelt cheer into communications and offering a form of joyful escapism.


While it may seem frivolous, brands targeting Gen Z should consider introducing a little more joy and colour into their social comms and making things a little sunnier, just for a while. Then we can go back, feeling revived and lifted, to solving the bigger issues.



Our three cheap cheats on how to embrace this trend on Instagram today –


  • Hold a banana at all times, à la Kylie Jenner.
  • Go old school and use a yellow highlighter to paint your nails.
  • Wear a high vis jacket over all your outfits (our event Producers highly endorse this).


Or go the whole hog and change your entire brand identity. Not sure if it’s our colour…

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