What happens when you get 56 leading fitness influencers into one room?

Following the huge success of last year’s Home of Gains campaign we launched for Maximuscle, we wanted to start 2018 by going even bigger.


So, working with the team at GSK, we’ve created #MaxiOnTour. Giving fans of the brand from across the UK the chance to take part in a number of exclusive Maximuscle classes at their local gym for free.


To kick off this nationwide fitness takeover, we hosted our first #MaxiOnTour event with the

the best in the business.


56 of the country’s top fitness influencers came together to compete in a series of challenges against Maximuscle’s own ambassadors, to find out once and for all which ones could walk-the-walk…and which ones were just talk.


To say it was tough would be an understatement. All involved were pushed to their limits in three CrossFit-inspired rounds.

By the end of burning 255 Kcals on an assault bike as fast as possible, completing as many one rep max weighted chins and dips in 8 minutes and an ARMAP of 6 burpees, 30m sand bag carry and 12 clean presses in 12 minutes, we had bodies sprawled all over the floor.




After calculating all the results, the top five teams took part in a straight shoot out final consisting of 5x80kg atlas ball lifts, 30m 100kg farmer carries, a 120kg prowler push and 100kg sled pull. With the fastest team to get all four of their members across the line crowned champions.


With Maxi Ambassador Paul Olima (fix?) eventually taking the win with #TeamZeus, PrettyGreen are now in training for next year’s games, the trophy is going to be a fantastic addition to our mantelpiece.