What a Result! Nando’s serves up free chicken to celebrate results day

It’s that dreaded and anticipated time of year for those at school up and down the country, bringing everything from excitement and celebration, to stress and disappointment for thousands of school-leavers as they pick up their results.


We’ve all seen the celebrity tweets that do the rounds each year, also: ‘don’t worry about your results – I got 5 Ds and an E and look at me!’. It hardly warms the soul to know that what you’ve worked so hard to achieve means absolutely sod all to someone earning more than most people can dream of in a year!


Whatever the results, and however hard you worked, it’s always good to know when someone’s really got your back. This predominantly relates to friends and family of course, but sometimes brands can play a role in this experience, too.


Last week we were delighted to announce that whatever the results (and we weren’t checking!), Nando’s would be stepping up once again to offer some of its Southern African PERi-PERi goodness in support of the next generation by way of foodie freebies.


On 8th August, Scottish school leavers could celebrate, commiserate, and look ahead over a free ¼ chicken or Firestarter courtesy of Nando’s, with UK leavers able to look forward to the same treatment on 17th August. We helped to spread the word via over 20 pieces of coverage in the likes of Metro, LadBible, Cosmopolitan, and Mirror Online.


It might sound insignificant to be offering free chicken to young people who are at arguably one of the biggest crossroads of their lives, but isn’t it nice to know that the brands you love have got your back, too? And better yet that they’re not judging you for the work you put in, the grades you got off the back of it, or demeaning the work you may or may not have put in (we’re looking at you, celebrities, though we know you mean well).


By connecting with its audience at an exciting time in their lives and at a time when they might need a pick me up, Nando’s is demonstrating the essence of our mantra here at PrettyGreen – that brands should act as servants, not just distracting and disrupting the lives of their consumers, but enhancing the ones they are already living.


Whether heading to uni, into the world of work, or off travelling the world, Nando’s is serving its consumers and celebrating the people who probably spent a lot of time venting about revision, fretting about the future, getting excited about the university they’d chosen, and plotting their travels plans over some chicken in their restaurants with their nearest and dearest.


And better yet: in the true spirit of PERi-PERi, there’s no minimum grade required.