“Aspiration Nation” – What a load of budget!

Yesterday saw the announcement of George Osborne’s long awaited budget for 2013.

Despite an Evening Standard journalist tweeting a picture of the Chancellor’s speech and all its key points before a word had even been uttered, the budget was revealed as a package of measures aimed at “those who want to work and get on.” He cut corporation tax to 20% and froze petrol duty rises.

The Chancellor has also cancelled alcohol duty rises and cut beer by 1p a pint – So that means that for every 350 pints you buy, you get your 351st free… we feel better off already!

Despite the cheer of a beer cut, the Chancellor revealed it that it would take five years until we can start paying off our debts. Despite this, there was also good news for drivers as the proposed fuel duty increase in September was cancelled.

Overall, there were no economic surprises, despite the 1p off a pint joy on beer… there is not much else to cheer!

Watch here for a 3 minute round up.