We've Set Up a New Talent Division

simon_antdecWhen Em’s and Strings announced to the Company that we were setting up Talent Division, everyone was very excited, especially the ones who thought it meant that they’d get to hang out with Ant & Dec and Big Simon.

Obviously when the penny dropped that it was actually a new Influencer and Talent Division headed up by new hire Susie Richardson, they were still impressed, but also still wanted to ensure that it did involve A&D plus Simon.

We’ve worked with Susie a few times whilst she was at Macmillan Cancer Support, helping out on World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, so it’s nice to finally get her across to the dark-side, and she actually use to work with Strings, Em’s and Jess, some 10 years ago.

So the question, you’re all dying to know, what does a Talent and Influencer Division do?

Well being honest more of what we already do, as we already do loads of online & celebrity influencer campaigns for Clients such as Nando’s, Pretty Polly, Under Armour.

The difference now is that we have someone whose only role is to do this, and Susie will use her expertise and extensive network (huge black book).

As Em’s said “We’ve run really successful influencer campaigns since the day we set-up five years ago and we felt the time was right to build on that success due to the number of opportunities we have. It’s really exciting to have Susie join the PrettyGreen team. Her vast network & influencer knowledge means she will immediately add value to Clients, from working on sponsorships to placing product in the most influential hands – her little black book is priceless!”