We’ve moved to the “ditch” – come on in and have a butchers

They say that your body and mind changes every seven years and if that’s the case then we moved bang on time.

After seven fun years in Farringdon on St John’s Street, we’ve upped laptops, our endless supply or PERi-PERi sauce bottles, the Nintendo Switch and PrettyGreen Bank and moved into our new home within The White Collar Factory on Old Street Roundabout.

The days of Nathan Barley types roaming around have moved on thankfully, as we now share this beautiful space numerous start-ups, creatives, marketing consultancies, and freelancers. After our first week of settling in, it can only be described as like working in a swish beehive on quadruple espressos but is great to be able to bump into like-minded agencies and brands in the same space.

We’re super excited to be finally here after a few weeks of packing up and saying farewell to our old home.

For now, we’re looking forward to welcoming you over for a meeting, coffee or beer on our beautiful rooftop or if you want to challenger our resident running supremo George to a race on the outdoor running track, we’d love to see you give it your best effort.

Here are a few of the best bits from our new home…