We've Gone Nuts

NUTS_PACKS_MIXEDThis week at PrettyGreen HQ, we’ve been sampling some tasty treats from our latest client All About Food and the puns and innuendo’s have coming in thick and fast. Why?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that one of Nando’s delights PERi-PERi Mixed Nuts & Nando’s PERi-PERi Cashews are no longer only available in the restaurants, you can now buy the tasty nibbles from your local supermarket for your own endless consumption! Based on PrettyGreen feedback, from those who haven’t tried the nuts before, we think they’re going to fly off shelves!…

Charlie – I  love spicy nuts especially when they’re not too overpowering
Alex J – I usually can’t handle big spicy nuts especially when I have a cold but these are fine
Meera – These spicy nuts are great, usually nuts tend to make my eyes water but these are just right
Bianca – Nuts aren’t my thing but these spicy ones have got me converted

So, we’re all fans of having hot nuts in and around the office.

Stay tuned for more exciting PrettyGreen reactions, next time PizzaExpress Sauces (we’re hoping we’ll be able to leave the smut at the (bedroom) door for these ones.