We're Not Sure If That Was A Good Or Bad Week

It was one of those contradictory weeks last week  – Long but short, good but bad, quiet, but loud, you know the ones, everything goes right, but it’s not quite right, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but t come Friday everyone’s ready to go and get drunk (responsibly).

We think some of it might be down to the fact that everyone needs a good night out and a little party to celebrate all the hard work. We’re trying to decide whether to wait until we move into our new office in Clerkenwell (which is looking promising for the end of the month), or to get one in quickly to help celebrate August plus all the great work everyones being doing.

The years racing by and we’re worried that we’re not going to get to celebrate the summer, or any of the successes. That said, we’ve got two great Red Bull parties coming up this month. The 1st a Red Bull Cola party we’re organising with Wonderland in a church (apparently we can’t pour beer in the church, we have to do it outside, which we found a little odd, as with Him being all seeing, we thought he’d know we poured beer outside and then just brought it in), and the 2nd the X Fighters post event party, which we know will be a quiet one!!!!

Also finally got the Greenlight on a great Fashion Week even with Red Bull, which is looking amazing. Any freelancers looking for a few months work, drop us a line. A great event lined up, during Fashion Week, which should be fantastic, more details as it’s revealed.

We’re also still trying to organise our 1st Birthday party, but it’s slightly been side-tracked by launches, events and office moves. Note to self “put date in and make happen”.

Got a new game in the office we’re currently playing, it’s called “Where’s Hamish”, it’s not because he’s a work dodger, or always late. It’s more that he’s in every Client project either as a v/o, backing singer, stand-in extra, crowd shot, or sound-bite. It’s got to the stage where we’re expecting to see him on X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent.

That said, he is tearing up the turf. Especially with Nando’s X-Perimental. The boy knows his way round a skate-board, but enough of the stories about being a semi-pro (the word semi, just leads to playground giggles).

Claire and Hamish actually went off to Camp Bestival with a Client and we were slightly worried as to whether the Client was going to persuade them both to become extra’s in the experience, as she was after two naked people to  inter-act with people to show the naturalness of the product (not sure anyones willy swinging in the breeze is going to make you want a glass of anything). We’ve heard they both kept there clothes on, but we’re still waiting for the pictures to be developed (we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a shot of his arse in the background).

We’ve also got a new game we’re playing “Lame To Fame”, the random inane stories of our connection to celebrities. We’ve compiled a list, we’ll post this week.

However, the most fun we had was being in the office when two bailiffs turned up and threatened to lock-down our office. They were very polite, one looked like Simon Cowell’s minder, the other who did all the talking, looking like the sort of bloke who’d bite off your ear in a fight, and then apologise afterwards telling you, he had to do it, to ensure you respected him.

It turned out, that they’d actually got the wrong office and it wasn’t anything to do with Pretty Green, but it took a good 4 hours for them to leave. Apparently someone hadn’t been paying rent, somewhere. Naughty people (we’re actually looking for someone on Percy Street with one ear now).

Talking about the Street. There’s some very poor etiquette over scooter parking going on of late. Obviously there’s not enough spaces for scooters and motorbikes and they need shuffling along, but it’s a poor show if you move someone’s scooter, but in doing so when you reverse yours in, you put a big scratch-mark down the side. We know who you are, and we’re waiting for the phone call, we’d hate to have to call in the ear-biter and his friend to have a word.

Actually as we’re sat writing this, we realise last week was actually quite a good week, and we still had a lot of  fun (doesn’t mean we’re not glad it’s over).