We're Brown Bread!

Yesterday morning the Fire Alarms rang out loud and proud and 500 people were evacuated as a fire broke out in the Workshops.

Unfortunately after nearly 18 months of hiding highly illegal contraband in Clerkenwell Workshops we were rumbled when a someone set fire to their breakfast.

The truth is that a toaster in TheGreen is like a phone card in the Scrubs and punishable by a visit from the Boyz (otherwise known as firemen), and a hefty fine from the Mgt, but so desirable is Agency toast that it was disguised for months as a kettle.

Mgt then paid us a visit, confiscated the toaster, despite the protests of “it’s a kettle, honestly Guv” and people returned back to their desks, all wondering who the culprit was that had spoiled the fun for everyone.

The nameless person (referred to only as Mandy) was then caught red handed removing the charred remains from her desk drawers some hours later.

We’re now settling into bread and jam, cold crumpets and experimenting with microwave bread, and the smell of toast is a distant memory.

Leave your comments below as to what you think is a suitable punishment for the culprit…