Welcome to The Gardening Society on the roof of John Lewis.

There are many events that herald the start of the Summer: the first Pimm’s, the end of the football season, the realisation that you’re not ready for Ibiza yet! (Don’t worry – MaxiNutrition can help you out). At PrettyGreen there’s another, annual event that means Summer is here – the opening of the Roof Garden at John Lewis Oxford Street.

After months of planning, working with our favourite gardener Tony Woods and collaborating with the marketing, PR and branch teams at John Lewis, The Gardening Society opened to the public on Friday.

This year the focus is firmly on food as three restaurants take over the space in month-long residencies over the summer. The Dairy, Bob’s Lobster and Shotgun BBQ promise to delight you with their culinary skills over the course of the Summer (why not book a table by clicking here).

But fear not, if you just fancy a cooling drink in the Summer sun on a hidden roof top while admiring the garden, that’s possible too (in fact it’s encouraged!).

If you need us and the sun’s out, you know where we’ll be!


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