Welcome to 2009

It’s a new year and it feels like it snuck up behind us and jumped on us when we weren’t looking.

The last few days of the year ended in a blur with a new brief from a restaurant chain (great excuse for lots of research), a creative session for a Cancer Charity to help them with one of their big initiative for 2009, an Agency ice skating lesson with Torvill and Dean’s trainer (more Bambi on ice than Dancing on Ice), learning how to play Hide and Go Seek Silent Disco with Red Bull, lots of mulled wine, chocolate and minced pies, plus the start of our very own Pretty Green wood.

We’ve spent the last few weeks recovering and re-energising with loved ones. Playing Wii, Singstar, monopoly, family fortunes, trivial pursuit, Skyping round the world, eating more than our combined body weights in, mulled wine, chocolate, minced pies, turkey, ham, nuts, whilst trying to work out if we’ve gone over the national average of 7lbs weight gain for Christmas and whether we can lose it by Easter for the next binging fest. And testing each other with useless facts from Schott’s Almanac (did you know that only 0.45% of children in 2007 learn how to play the euphonium at school)

It’s feels a little strange writing about 2008, with the New Year upon us. This evening feels like a new school term starts tomorrow. New uniform ironed, new shoes cleaned and new pencil case packed.

Who knows what the year will bring. We’re sure it’s going to be a tough year, but we’re also fairly convinced it’s going to be an exciting one, and hopefully a lot of fun.

We’re 6 months old today (cheers), we’ve got a new office, a great new team, and some great new additions on the way, but more importantly we’ve also got some great new Clients. Clients (actually Clients make it sound so impersonal, People) who we want to thank for believing in us in 2008. Without your belief and trust, Pretty Green wouldn’t have happened. THANK YOU, you know who you are, and here’s to 2009.