With London in the grip of a heatwave last week, and with most sensible people dreaming of beach holidays and cocktails by the pool, we decided to bring together over 100 journalists and invited guests for the hottest (see what we did there?) event of the summer.

The reason for this madness? To celebrate the launch of two of the latest and greatest products from Under Armour – a revolutionary running shoe that’s rewriting the rules of sneaker construction and the much-anticipated unveil of Tottenham Hotspur’s brand new 2013/14 kits – whilst also kicking off the second phase of the brand’s global “I Will.” marketing campaign.

In front of attending journalists from as far afield as the US and Japan, not to mention the 65 UK outlets who’d sent staff to cover the event and an entire planeload of clients (no pressure then), PrettyGreen unveiled the kit in the only way Sian and the Events team know how – “big and loud” (we seriously need to wean them off their diet of Michael Bay movies…).

An exhibition in choreography and timing, aided by Claire Ashman shoving Jermaine Defoe through a brick wall – no, really (there are even eyewitness reports of a slight bum graze, but we all know that Claire would never do that, right!?). The show culminated in the reveal of the new Armour that THFC will be wearing into battle throughout the upcoming season.

Security at this high profile event was pretty tight – it had to be to keep the PrettyGreen girls away from Gareth Bale! Turns out a couple of them might now also be in love with Michael Dawson, smooth operator that he is.

Check out the following video for a full look at what went down:

The new Spurs kit wasn’t the only thing we launched with Under Armour last week – the showcase also introduced the world to the UA SpeedForm RC – or in layman’s terms: what fast feels like.

The world premiere of a revolutionary, best-in-class trainer deserves world-class talent, so who better to extol the virtues of this new running shoe than Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack, two-time Iron Man World Champion (yes, he is much, much, fitter than you):

With space suit-levels of engineering inspired by the original Apollo missions, the UA SpeedForm RC is a game-changer. The only running shoe ever to be made in a bra factory, and the only trainer in history to be constructed with a seamless, one-piece heel cup, UA SpeedForm RC epitomises precision fit. The only question is: which colour will you get?

Go in search of the Holy Grail of fit here