We Need An Office Pet…

…not just because we work with pet supplement brand Din Dins but also because it’s Love Your Pet Day!

In honour of furry friends everywhere, our resident animal obsessive PrettyGreener Claire shares why she loves her puppy, Oban (we didn’t ask her to, she just really loves him and is a bit scary so we couldn’t stop her)…


Reason number 1


Reason number 2

He’s just so happy all the time. He’s a Cockerpoo, a breed known for being really excitable and friendly. It’s actually impossible to feel sad when he’s tearing around like a mad thing – the perfect antidote to a vile day.

Reason number 3

Puppies make people smile. Whenever I take him out people stop to say hello, have a little stroke of his hair and wonder why they don’t have one. Puppies = friends!

Reason number 4

Having him has made the entire family healthier as we actually have to take him out for a walk. You can’t really ignore a ball of fluff holding a lead and pleading with you to go out and play. Even if you have a whole set of Breaking Bad to get through!

Reason number 5

Look at his face again. I mean seriously.

So Happy Love Your Pet Day everyone, we’ll keep you up to speed on how our campaign for an office pet is going…Strings?!