We came we saw we muddered


Deemed the toughest event on the planet filled with grueling obstacles – the PrettyGreen team that assembled to take on the Tough Mudder challenge were anxious to say the least. I mean how were we going to obtain the guns akin to Vin Diesel or The Rock in a month’s time? Or the mental motivation of er…Mr Motivator?

Well, taking on the beast that is Tough Mudder meant cutting back on a few weekly indulgences (essentials) in order to get into shape for the big day, plus we couldn’t face the disappointed look from our Under Armour ambassador Fabrice and James when we didn’t adhere to our new healthy regimes.

After a month of hard work, sleepless nights of dreaded fear and abstaining from drinking LOLS in the pub we made it to Tough Mudder South. The result? We did it and bizarrely enjoyed every moment of it, so watch this space for 2015 and more mudder madness.

Here’s some of the team’s most memorable moments from the course:

– April nailing herself with the electro shocks and falling to the ground

– Bea not seeming to re-surface from falling in the water

– Fabrice eating three power bars on the go

– Joe not being defeated by Everest and jumping about 5 metres away from the top of the ramp… Fifth time lucky

– April face planting Everest…five times

– Bea and Joe revealing a different personal secret every mile of the course. It got too rude after mile 4 so the game ended

– The team overtaking the gym meat heads running – come on boys!

– The massive LAD doing Tough Mudder in a thong. Joe has promised to do it in one next year

– Faye always moving things along ‘Come on I want to have a drink’

– Joe losing a shoe in the Electro-shock therapy obstacle, and having to go back in to rescue it from the mud earning 3 extra shocks

– April stuck in the mud for quite some time and Andy having to dig out her sinking trainer

– Joe having a crotch to face moment on some bloke on the human pyramid

– Bea getting over Everest in the most ungainly way possible in wet lycra – cringe

– Faye picking up a massive log and carrying it like a boss

– The Arctic Enema (ice bath) – James feeling like he was re-born