Waiting For The Bubble To Burst

Distillery Pretty GreenLast week was another crazy week, with the Agency meeting lots of new people, and being involved in some inspiring projects.

The Red Bull Music Academy gig at Cargo with Tony Allen and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble last Thursday was truly amazing. Tony Allen is probably one of the coolest guys we have ever met. Alongside that the X-fighters tour was announced with X-fighters finally coming to the UK later in the year, which is going to blow people away.

We also pitched on Friday for one of the most successful restaurant chains in the UK, which we’re hoping to hear from in a couple of weeks. Either way they’ve promised us lots of free food regardless of what happens (can’t say fairer than that).

Strings returned back from Pontalier where he had the unenviable job of spending four days testing our new spirits brand that we’re creating as part of our Brand Incubator, and visiting distilleries.

C4 Britdoc also had a phenomenal Sundance,  Afghan Star, won 2 out of the 3 major awards in the international documentary category – the Directing award and the Audience award.  The remaining prize (the grand jury prize) was won by another C4 film, Kim Longinotto’s Rough Aunties – a story that was found by Kim’s producers – foundation grantees Teddy and Paul whilst they were making We Are Together.

It was a total scoop for the Britdoc and the Channel.

The other two C4 Britdoc films – The End of the Line and the Yes Men Fix the World also performed extremely strongly.  The Yes Men to standing ovations and The End of the Line is featured in this week’s Economist.

And this week sees the arrival of snow, and a new addition to our Sports team with Nick joining us tomorrow to help us get fit (although Hamish wants to put him through his paces on a snowboard as a ex-professional).

All in all we can’t complain (but I’m sure that’s not going to continue week on week).