15802192_400x4001The Pretty Green flag touched down in Texas last week as Claire took her cowboy boots to the SXSW festival with the Red Bull Crew. Despite OD-ing on waffles and American smarm she did manage to dance into the early hours at the legendary Red Bull Moon Tower stage for three nights on the trot – with a super model, an artrocker and a free bar… Not a bad days work if you ask us; even is she is still moaning about jetlag, we have no sympathy!

Back in Blighty we are quickly running out of space and we seem to be over run with men all of a sudden… Mike and John (we all have such ordinary names at Pretty Green – surely it’s time we employed a Chardonnay or a Trixabel) – have arrived and non-one can get Mike’s surname right – We think it’s glockenspiel!

Talking of new people we’ve set up a new graduate PR scheme and we’re interviewing away, which has opened lots of discussion about PR degrees and whether they actually prepare graduates with the necessary skills to succeed in PR – The PRCA announced recently that they feel a degree is essential but agency heads were less enthusiastic about PR specific course. The general feeling being that PR will never be an exact science so the level of education is important but not necessarily in PR. The best quote being Lyle Closs at AxiCom “I’d rather not be quoted on this – but I have yet to meet a PR agency manager who prefers PR graduates over graduates from more traditional degrees, whatever the subject.” (not sure PRCA should have published that one)

Once the minority become the majority we are sure that viewpoint will change but we still believe that variety is the spice of life and talented people come in all shapes and sizes.  And whilst we’re on the grad wagon, and we don’t want to get all ‘back in the day’ but when going for an interview standard practice is to be enthused, is it not? A smile and a positive disposition are easily the most impressive assets you can display in an interview… We don’t expect them to know everything but we expect them to want to. Honestly, they don’t build ‘em like they used to. Take note if you’re coming in – we’re looking for good people, not robots!

People also threw shapes of all sizes as was witnessed at Strings’ birthday celebrations last week. We’re not sure Hamish should pursue the lap-dancing route but it kept us amused as the drinks flowed. We’ve kept up the momentum this week as mysterious packages arrived in the office baring liquid gifts… It’s the prototype spirit from the Pretty Green Brand Incubator and it looks and smells amazing. Just wish Strings would learn to share a little bit more.

Or maybe he is just giddy on the Spring air!… All the SAD sufferers are slowly crawling out of their miserable holes, bring on the summer and evenings quaffing spirits on the lawn… Hurrah!

And the debate in the office this week we’ll leave you with. A very emminent professor reported that we could all be categorized as either horses, birds or (wait for it) muffins. Now we orginally dismissed this theory out of hand, but after playing with the theory for a while (and going round the office deciding who was a muffin and who was a horse and playing it in the pub), we now believe that it might be true, try it. Horse, Muffin or Bird. Come on you know it works.