Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. 3D Reality?

At PrettyGreen, we’re all about excitement. Whether it’s breathing life into a new brand, new life into an existing brand, or ensuring we’re just ‘on it’ when it comes to playing around with the latest and greatest in tech.

We’re feeling generous, and fancy letting you in on a little secret. We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but technology is taking over the world. Gone are those days of marvelling at a pixelated snake eating square apples on your old brick phone – it’s 2015, catch up! Nowadays, it’s all about seeing things that aren’t really there, printing objects which you can actually use in real life and talking about new innovations that would take you hours to explain to your veteran family members. Some of us are still confused even now.


Luckily, the pro’s at DeeThree were on hand to teach us a thing or two this week, and before we knew it PrettyGreen Towers had been invaded by Roman Abramovich’s 163.5m yacht, one of Star Trek’s Starfleet ships, a roller coaster, and parts of the Beijing National Stadium. We should mention that these were, of course, virtual and augmented reality as well as 3D versions of each, and we didn’t really manage the feat of shipping a mammoth yacht up the Thames to Farringdon.

Give a man a fish and he’s happy for a day, right? Give a man an Oculus Rift, and suddenly he’s on board one of the sci-fi world’s most impressive aircrafts. Put that shiny new toy down and then pick up a tablet, point it at a picture that the camera (and app) is coded to recognise, and you suddenly have an automobile there in your hands. Put that down, and with a bit of manipulation, a phone screen and some cardboard (which is still big in the tech world) becomes a fully-working roller coaster. Who needs a rod when you have a virtual playground at your feet?


Of course, there’s slightly more to it behind the scenes, but you get the picture. Within minutes we’d travelled universes, experienced G-forces in a meeting room, and got virtually sea sick. There are so many possibilities, we almost don’t know where to start. Lucky then, that we’re a creative bunch. It might be worth sticking around to see how this thing plays out…