Saw it through the great Vine…

So Vine is, following a couple of early porn-fuelled hiccups, up and running just in time for the Pope to Vine the crap out of himself handing in his resignation later this month.

A six (and a half) second micro blogging platform brought to you by Twitter – the people who managed to convince us that micro blogging was the only way forward.

Our first thoughts are:
– A lot of creative fun will be had with this
– We’re waiting patiently for our first Vine CV to be Tweeted at us
– We wish we had the stop motion skills of Nick Park right now
– The Instagram of mini video funsies
– With Twitter’s backing and full integration this could go a long way
– Is six seconds too long? Look at what this guy did with just one second
– Will this dramatically reduce barriers to entry for ‘send us a video clip’ competitions?
– Fan-gen music Vine vid mash ups will follow shortly
– Is Jeremy or Tim Vine using it yet?
– We quite like @NewsonVine
– If you think it’s too short – then just look how successful GIFs have been

Here’s our very first Vine – a look around our offices (we did try and post this last week but the app crashed a fair few times)…

It’s tricky to record everything you want in one take – but that, we guess, is half the fun. We reckon Vine will grow exponentially with the backing of Twitter and for a platform that is still in its very early stages the initial signs for where it could go are very exciting.