Valentine's Grinch Vs Valentine's Lover

As we prepare for our annual PrettyGreen Valentine’s Day office shenanigans, it’s becoming clear that some PrettyGreeners have very different views about the day. Here are the views of Claire Ashman, our resident Valentine’s Grinch and Kim Marsh, our Valentine’s Lover.

The Grinch

Five reasons why I don’t like Valentine’s Day:

1) Showing someone you love them should not be restricted to one single day of the year. If that is the only day your respective other goes above and beyond to demonstrate their affections then frankly your relationship is doomed

2) I don’t like being told what to do

3) Every bloody year the office creates a ‘let’s love the office’ game. This year it involves picking a name from a hat (which if done properly should obviously be some sort of heart shaped vessel adorned with pink crepe paper) – however – hat it is. Then you are expected to ‘be nice’ to that person ALL DAY. I have few problems with this 1) see point 1 2) what if I don’t like that person – surely then I just become a disingenuous prat 3) I am nice to people all the time and of course I like everyone

4) The oldie but goldie – Valentine’s Day is the worst of all the days because it is based on nothing but Hallmark making a shit load of cash based on people’s insecurities or desperation for affection. It’s creating a day where those who aren’t in love are exposed by the smugness of those in love and those in love are pressurised into making the most meaningful of demonstrations – normally in some shade of pink

5) I don’t like pink


The Lover

5 reasons why I like Valentine’s Day…

1. What’s not to love….literally?

2. There’s a good chance if you do the right thing on Valentine’s, you might get some hanky panky…

3. What other day are you going to get flowers without assuming you have been cheated on?

4. We plan for a whole month in December, so that we get together and enjoy one day with our families celebrating the birth of what can only be described as a mythical character. So why can’t we spend one day a year celebrating something we see every day, that actually exists?

5. Statistics show that Valentine’s cards are the second biggest selling cards after Christmas cards. And you can’t argue with statistics!

Fuck Off