Under Armour's Brave New [Ad] World

“We started this thing, and now that we’re on top, everybody’s trying to knock us off. We must Protect This House. Will you Protect This House?”

Ever since that question was posed in Under Armour’s original ad spot way back in 2003, the brand that aim to “Make All Athletes Better” was devoted to doing things differently. After all, it’s no easy task captivating the new breed of ultra-ambitious, hungry young athletes – unless, of course, you’re a Baltimore-based powerhouse like UA, who create adverts like this:

Channeling the underdog mentality and using the sometimes unfair criticism faced by every professional, the training brand is now a firm favourite for athletes across the globe, at every level – and that’s not us just saying it, ESPN did too…

“It has been a big year for Under Armour’s most high-profile spokespeople. Tom Brady won another Super Bowl. Stephen Curry won an MVP and an NBA title. Jordan Spieth won the Masters and the U.S. Open. Misty Copeland became the first African-American to become a principal dancer at a major ballet company.’ ESPN.com, 24.08.15

And ‘what of these athletes’, you say? ‘How do you use them in a way that doesn’t just showcase their achievements but shows their journey and commitment to getting there?’

Well, we’ll tell you. The brand has gone one motivational step further with their newest spot which kicks off the ‘Rule Yourself’ campaign, entitled “Anthem”. The series will showcase the self-discipline that it takes to reach the highest level in sport and aims to raise the bar on what it means to be successful in training.

Check out what the US Under Armour athletes, including Stephen Curry, get up to when the lights are off and the bleachers are empty. And remember, you are the sum of all your training. #RuleYourself #IWILL