Choose your side! Under Armour Batman vs Superman Presentation Box

It’s the battle of the nah nah’s vs. the dah dah’s, intelligence vs. strength, Human vs. Superhuman. Batman vs. Superman is dividing opinions all over the globe, with fans forced to choose their side as they ask themselves, with a little bit of an egging on from Under Armour, ‘which boots would I wear?’.

As one of the most anticipated movies of the year hit cinema screens across the UK last week, Under Armour extended its Transform Yourself range to very good effect, with the inclusion of new limited edition versions of the ClutchFit and SpeedForm Batman vs Superman boot and compression top ranges.
And here at PrettyGreen, possessing the powers of god-like PR, our duty was to deliver media coverage and we would not be defeated in our quest to do so. There’s no greater feeling in this industry when a PR strategy comes together, all the stars align and results are “simply off the chart” – as one client kindly put!

The Under Armour Batman vs. Superman exclusive presentation box was certainly well received by our heroic recipients. As the boxes reached their media destinations across the country, the coverage flooded in. In the space of five days we had ten pieces of published coverage with 3 national broadcast clips, and a series of social posts generating impressions of over 1million.

If you need saving from the next evil ploy of The Joker, we may not be able to help; rescuing from a falling building, also not our thing. When there’s a new product launch, you know whom to call!