UK athletes break their limits in Southbank’s epic Under Armour workout

Last Tuesday, Under Armour invaded London, and it’s fair to say battle certainly ensued! A battle like no other, Under Armour challenged 100 of the most dedicated athletes in the UK to test their limits in one of the most gruelling workout sessions ever seen. The goal was simple: better yourself.

And what a test it was. Judging by the shock of the many onlookers (and non-competing PrettyGreeners revelling in watching their colleagues gasp, grimace and gruel their way through their pain barriers), this was certainly not your average gym session.

Under Armour aren’t scrooges though, and before chaos ensued they only went and decked every athlete in tonnes of their new ColdGear Infrared clobber. Whilst this didn’t rule out the fact that they were about to embark on the most torturous circuit of their lives, at least our athletes were kept warm and toasty!

Armour on, our gladiators were plunged into the arena, whereupon they swiftly took on an onslaught of gritty exercises including battle ropes, kettlebells,and resistance bands… and that was just the warm-up.

Six further stations, designed and spearheaded by our superb combine trainer Richard Tidmarsh, were intended to separate the boys from the men (and girls from women), though one problem arose. With failure not an option for our elite athletes (including some brave/stupid PrettyGreeners), not a single prisoner was taken.

From the menacing sled pull – with the word ‘prowler’ still inducing nightmares for some of our team– to the aptly-named battle cage, every station was expertly designed to give athletes an intense full-body workout, and we can certainly say they did.

From our founder Strings – whose mission to be photographed smiling at every occasion was quickly shattered as he went mano-a-mano with the behemoth prowler – to our troop of PR hotheads and stretching further across the 100-strong field on Tuesday, it’s safe to say that breaking points were smashed, mental limits obliterated, and that coveted ‘I Will’ attitude we strive to achieve spread like wildfire.

Vomit, sweat and tears may have been spilt (really), but the feedback we got from those warming down was second to none. A few brave souls even asked when the next one was!

We prefer to think of the photos below as highlights – pain is gain and all that. We’ll let you decide. #IWILL