Under Armour’s Cam Newton proving It Comes From Below

Unlocking a new level of greatness has a ring to it, so it’s no surprise that every campaign we do here at PrettyGreen is a chance to go beyond what we’ve already achieved to do just that. It’s only natural then that we’d work with Clients who’d do the same… so it’s handy that performance sportswear brand Under Armour fit handily as a fellow pea in our pod.



Whilst our passion is in bringing Brands to life, Under Armour’s relentless drive ultimately ensures they’re constantly encouraging athletes to push their limits, strive for excellence, and bring their potential to life. You only need to look at several of their previous campaigns showcasing some of the world’s most unstoppable forces including the most decorated Olympian Michael Phelps, two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry and the Eredivisie icon, the young promising Memphis Depay, to see how they’re doing just that as a collective.



Well, as evidenced by over 3 million YouTube users, Carolina Panthers’ star QB Cam Newton is the latest in line to prove just what it takes to succeed at the elite level. As part of Under Armour’s latest campaign, It Comes From Below, Cam’s quick (geddit?) to show off his slick footwork skills, the driving force behind his success. Enabling him to perfect a quick turn of foot, Cam’s able to not only dodge a tree in a campaign video, but also 300lb NFL players wanting to make you eat dirt on the football field.



It might not be rocket science, but the more time spent on the training field, the finer you can expect perfect your craft…. And while we’re not all clad in umpteen protective layers to prevent a visit to A&E if, it’s that desire to achieve greatness that can set you apart. On a training field, on match day, or simply trying to beat the lunchtime rush at Pret, practice makes perfect. Avoiding a sack, wrong-footing an opponent, or being served quickest at the burrito stand… they’re all up there, if your footwork is on point.



With minds open like wide receivers, make sure you try something new – there’s an art out there you can perfect, if you’re willing to put the time in. And remember, “It Comes From Below”, so strap up those shoes, get out there, and achieve greatness.