Two thousand and then…

Picture 1As we crawl out of our imposed hibernation from the comfort of our family homes, we realize with harsh reality that watching re-runs of The Wizard of Oz and every episode of Come Dine with Me is not normal or acceptable behaviour. Fortunately not everyone spent their Christmas under a blanket as some people (namely Strings and Emma) have returned with sickeningly glorious tans. Humph! Christmas sun is a clever option and snow is just cold (yes Strings we know you like Dubai, but we didn’t go, so enough now).

But back at our desks and thawing out we’re ready for a year ofcultural stimulation and mind expansion… Our collective resolution being to do a few things we have never done before as well as doing more of the things we love; go to more gigs, book a theatre ticket once in a while, attend a lecture at the school life, send birthday cards, ride a horse, … in fact if you want some really good suggestions then Time Out have compiled a superb list of quirky ideas with not one mention of joining the gym or putting down our wine glasses. We are working our way through things to do:

Weirdly, it was Vampires, that prompted Mike to start fulfilling his ‘get active’ resolution and go to more gigs which also prompted the debate about the recent obsession with the fictional blood-sucking creatures! Moonlight, Twilight, Being Human… they’re everywhere!

What’s the fascination? Half the office would say it was the fantastical and exotic depiction of forbidden love, the other half would say ‘vampires aren’t real and this obsession is very silly’.  The initiative that caught Mike’s eye, however, was from Vampire Weekend who are working with Rough Trade and giving away free tickets to their exclusive gig to anyone who buys a copy of their album. Smart! These are clearly clever and wise vampires and they can stay. The rest can go straight to DVD.

Note to Mike: Getting more active does not mean walking to Virgin Active every lunchtime just to swipe your card and earn more vitality points – it’s not illegal but it is cheating- tut tut! Get ye to squash club – Nick’s new ‘get active’ project for the New Year. We will see how that fares.

Sticking with ‘getting out more’ and Red Bull Music Academy has announced its event programme for London and it’s looking incredible. Confirmed sites so far, for this epic month of music include The Royal Festival Hall, The Roundhouse, Southbank Centre and The ICA plus a unique Roller Disco, a 3D SoundClash an event devoted to the history of Sound Systems (Metalheadz, Soul II Soul, Trojan) and a special edition of Book Slam: Check out the full listings here… and there’s still even more to come…

So the snows melting, our brains are thawing out and we’re nearly back in the swing of things, but it’s got to be said, it’s not been easy landing in 2010, but there’s definitely a sense of excitement in the air.